Sand Pal is a toy that absolutely EVERYONE will love. A cool, immersive activity that can be used across the globe in sand, snow or mud, Sand Pal invites families and friends of all ages and backgrounds to unleash their inner creativity and enjoy hours and hours of fun.

Create uniquely amazing castles

Every single Sand Pal castle is different and special. Even kids with the shortest of attention spans will never, ever get bored of it. It can be used in countless different ways and the results will always be one-of-a-kind.

Plus, with so much of our lives spent in front of a screen and absorbed in technology, it's wonderfully therapeutic to go back to nature and embrace a simpler kind of activity.

An invigorating Sand Pal building session, spent out in the sunshine of one of the UAE’s glorious beaches, will help ease any squabbles and make even teenagers forget about checking their social media for a while.

Playing with Sand Pal also improves motor skills, develops imagination, promotes creativity and encourages teamwork – it ticks all the boxes!

Help others whilst having a ton of fun

All our Sand Pal kits are all assembled and packed with care by amazing people of determination. This provides them with valuable work experience and life skills, and enables us to give back to the community.

Containing high-quality and thick moulds, this is a sustainable toy designed to minimise waste.

Enjoy years and years of entertainment

We know that family life isn’t always plain sailing, and Sand Pal is robust enough to withstand all kinds of treatment.

Made for being thrown in the back of a car and being dragged along the beach, each kit comes in its own mesh bag that makes carrying and storing extra easy.

Created to last years and years and manufactured under the highest quality and safety standards, the 100% recyclable packaging also contributes to Sand Pal’s eco-friendly philosophy.